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Evolve refrigeration

Evolve refrigeration

Undercounter laboratory refrigerator


A US based, thermoelectric technology company approached Globex to help them develop world class solid-state thermoelectric medical fridge. They are the experts when  it comes to thermoelectric based cooling technology and Globex has vast experience in developing all manner of product including appliances for the mass production environment. Globex worked with the US engineers and was responsible for developing and designing all mechanical components of the fridge and also planning out the most efficient way of building this in relatively small runs when compared to traditional large scale production volumes. Smart design and a focused approach allowed for a minimum number of large tooling investments and also cut down on the development and production readiness time.  Globex had completed the project in 8 months of total development.

We have long standing experience in the mass production of products and know how to design for high volumes and what considerations are required with tooling, jigs and fixtures.

Our vast network of partners and global suppliers allows us to pair the client with the right partner for their project.



Project details

Size: 3,129 hours
Time frame: 8 months
Markets: Global

Main challenges

High end fit and finish requirements
Complex electronics and packaging
Multiple skus and keeping manufacturing flexible with minimum tooling investment
Strict standards compliance
Managing and producing trade-show quality fully functioning mock-ups.

Processes used/run

CNC machining
SLA SLS prototyping
Silicone tooling
Technical drawings
Assembly design
Design validation
Jigs and fixtures
Plastics tooling
Metal forming tooling
Tooling design
Working prototypes/mockups
Project management
Vendor management

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