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IAC Anaesthetist Workstations


IAC Anaesthetist Workstations

IAC was started by an anaesthetist who wanted to radically modernise anaesthesiology workstations. He found that the systems in use were based on 100 year old designs which were neither ergonomic nor patient-centred. IAC turned to Globex to help realise the aim of revolutionising the layout and interfaces of the workstation for the benefit of both anaesthetist and patient.


In the first instance, IAC approached Globex looking for a working mockup of the interface device to demonstrate to potential clients. However, when IAC realised that Globex had major capabilities, was cost effective and could free up IAC’s resources, the project was enlarged to task Globex with the initial design of the entire workstation.

Globex produced the originally required interface and did the CAD design and renderings for three versions of the workstation and is continuing to support IAC for any changes, updates or mockups needed. For the interface, Globex coordinated and produced the mockup with plastics made in China and electronics designed and manufactured in New Zealand. The development of the interfaces is continuing with one of the latest iterations below.


The industry knowledge of IAC and the technical skills and contacts of Globex have combined to ensure that the goal of producing a modern anaesthetist workstation - with major implications for patient care - will become a reality in the near future.

Project details

Size: Interface 80 hours Workstation 200 hours
Time frame: Three months
Markets: Medical machine manufacturers

Main challenges

Understanding the medical requirements
Producing a cost-effective mockup

Processes used/run

CNC machining
Silicone tooling
Product design
Working prototypes
Project management

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