CPAP Unit Medical Prototyping

Medical Trial CPAP Device

Sleep apnea is a problem affecting millions of people around the world. The BioDesign Lab, run by Dr David White, reached out to Globex to help develop a device as proof of concept for a novel solution to Sleep Apnea. 


The initial prototype for this device consisted of two existing sleep CPAP devices, mounted side by side to a piece of plywood surrounded by a tangle of wires. Globex was tasked with taking this mockup and creating a unique industrial design to neatly repackage the internals. The goal was to create something which looked and felt like a finished product.

The challenge, however, was the lack of tooling budget and limited quantity of 20 that was required. Globex approached this task by designing around the use of rapid manufacturing techniques. SLS prototyping was used for internal components, whilst exterior cosmetic parts were created PU casting technology. In this way we were able to bypass the usual design requirements and expense of injection moulding, and enable a much quicker design cycle. Careful consideration was given to the user interface. Mockups of the buttons were made to ensure these were easy to use and intuitive.

By providing turnkey design services in this way, Globex was successfully able to complete this project within the scope and budget. Working with our network of suppliers both locally and offshore, we were able to create devices which were both beautiful, and fully functional. All assembly and fine tuning of the devices was carried out in the Globex labs.  The devices were  successfully deployed for medical trials.


Project details

Size: 447 hours
Time frame: 4 months
Markets: Global

Main challenges

Materials and device design for medical trials
Complex internal air-path systems packaging
Complex electronics packaging
Design for building in small volumes on a budget

Processes used/run

CNC machining
SLA SLS prototyping
Silicone tooling
Product design
Industrial Design
Assembly design
Part inspection measurement
Vendor management
Boutique manufacturing

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