o2o2 Pollution Facewear

O2O2 Facewear

Air pollution is usually concentrated in densely populated metropolitan areas, especially in developing countries where environmental regulations are relatively lax or nonexistent. More and more consumers are turning to face masks to help protect against this problem.


O2O2 Facewear are what you call the disruptors. With their next generation of pollution protection faceware they are re-imagining the mechanics of how a face mask works. The mask does not rely on having skin contact to achieve a seal and keep pollution particles out. Using a positive air pressure system and advanced nano-filter materials, the mask delivers a constant supply of clean, fresh air to the user. The optically clear face shield, allows the user to not lose their identity or restrict communication by obscuring the face.


Globex was chosen by O2O2 to design and develop fully functioning prototypes of their active facewear masks for testing and validation. In addition to this, a deadline of 10 weeks was set due to a product launch event in NY. Working with the ID team in the UK, a 12hr design cycle was setup to meet the deadline. Globex was responsible for all of the mechanical and electronic circuitry design to control for the prototype.


Using our in-house lab facilities, we iterated the design to validate the required performance, comfort and fit of the mask. Our experience in consumer products allowed for a minimum iterations to achieve the required performance levels and meet the deadline. Leveraging our partner network, we organised the final show mockup components to be made offshore and built and tuned the prototypes in-house. 


O2O2 - Jerry Mauger.png
o2o2 mask - front iso.jpg
o2o2 mask - closeup.jpg

Project details

Size: 559 hours
Time frame: 10 weeks
Markets: China, USA, Europe, Global.

Main challenges

    Achieving a comfortable fit for all users in one design
    Short lead-time to meet launch event deadline
    Managing and producing trade-show quality functioning mock-ups

    Processes used/run

    Product design
    Working prototypes and mock-ups
    CNC machining
    SLA SLS prototyping
    Silicone tooling
    Vendor management
    3-D renderings

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