Phitek Inflight Systems

Phitek Inflight Systems

Phitek was one of the original Globex customers and the partnership is now eight years old. Phitek produces high quality noise-cancelling headphones, connector systems for inflight entertainment for several airlines, and other aviation related products. Globex has worked closely with Phitek to design and develop products in all these areas.


Globex has designed several high quality headphones with Phitek which are now in use by airlines all over the world. The initial specification comes from Phitek, after which Globex organises the industrial design work for review by Phitek, then designs the headphones, working closely with Phitek’s acoustics engineers. Finally, Globex organises the tooling and initial production in China.

In addition, Phitek produces components for companies such as Panasonic, Thales and Rockwell Collins. Globex has assisted Phitek with the production of a wide range of electronics housings, connectors, plugs and interfaces, with ongoing product support. Some products required the design of small housings with unique PCB packaging methods to fit the required electronics, while others needed the design of low budget connectors.

Every year Phitek attends several tradeshows around the world for which Globex organises changes to the tradeshow stand and produces displays such as working mockups of concepts for inflight entertainment systems. These are designed to look like finished products with the required functionality, and although they are mock-ups, they must be robust and easy to assemble.


"I have personally worked with Globex for over 5 years and I find they provide fast, efficient service with inventive solutions to engineering problems.”

- Nigel Greig, R&D Manager Phitek Systems

Project details

Size: Varies according to project complexity
Time frame: Can vary from weeks to months
Markets: Airlines

Main challenges

Tight cost restrictions
Anthropomorphic design
Design for serviceability and longevity
Complex electronics packaging
Strict standards complian

Processes used/run

CNC machining
SLA SLS prototyping
Silicone tooling
Metal sintering prototyping
Product design
Technical drawings
Assembly design
Design validation
Jigs and fixtures
Testing equipment
Plastics tooling
Metal forming tooling
Tooling design
Part inspection measurement
Technical drawings
Short run manufacturing
Working prototypes/mockups
Product displays

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