Phitek twist headphones

Phitek twist headphones

Globex has a long standing partnership with Phitek and has worked on a wide variety of products, including an economy class headphone that twists into a flat form for stowage. The plastic headband has embedded tracks and these provide the electrical conduit and also just the right amount of pressure to keep the headphone comfortable for long durations of use.

Phitek headphone won Silver in the Best Design Awards 2015.  


Globex was presented with a concept design that we were tasked with developing to a near production viable stage and to supply tradeshow mockups unit.  The design had to be mature enough to allow for details, production costings and to have any technical issues resolved before sale. We also managed and oversaw the tradeshow mockups with our supply partners. 


The simplicity of the concept is also its technical challenge; to develop a robust sliding contact design, which is cost effective, easy to manufacture repeatedly in volume production, very robust, to survive the rigours of being handled in economy class and can carry electrical signals without loss of connection.


The industrial design was refined in house at Globex and near photo quality renderings were created. In addition to the beautiful renderings, the mechanical aspects were refined in every detail. The sliding contacts in the earcup, embedding the tracks into the headband and working with the potential manufacturing factories to make sure our approach was achievable and cost efficient.  This approach allowed for a reduction in overall components and costs.



Project details

Size: 120 hours
Time frame: 2 months
Markets: Airlines

Main challenges

Very cost sensitive product category
Material selection and assembly processes
Surviving the rigors of economy class environemnt
Designing for volume production
Short lead-time to produce tradeshow mockups

Processes used/run

SLA SLS prototyping
Silicone tooling
Product design
3D renderings
Assembly design
Jigs and fixtures
Plastics tooling
Metal forming tooling
Working prototypes/mockups

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