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Restaurant 46" display

46" Digital Display Unit

Turnkey product engineering 


A NZ based client selected Globex to develop its flagship Digital Display unit. The challenge was to design a custom 46” outdoor modular screen capable of surviving a high range of operating temperatures, vandalism attacks and in all weather conditions. The project timeline was a firm 6 months from start to finish. Globex met this deadline by providing a turnkey service and project management all external suppliers and manufacturing partners.

We co-designed a state of the art cooling system utilizing Peltier technology. We worked closely with the LCD screen manufacturers and managed the internal electrical layout and complete manufacture of the screen.  The project covered many engineering disciplines-  Civil, Cooling, Industrial Electronics, and Manufacturing companies. We managed and validated the first off tooling sign offs and production preparations for the first run of Digital Displays. Globex also designed the mounting podium system and worked with certified structural engineers to meet all relevant building codes and design limits.

The requirements called for a robust, slim, and a fully modular screen that could operate as a single or in a multi-screen system. Thermal operating conditions were managed with an active cooling system whilst an aluminium extrusion frame provided a very rigid and watertight structure. The electrical system comprised of industrial grade electronics to handle the 240V input, control the screen temperature and power the media PC’s for Plug and Play installation. We are proud to have this product designed and manufactured in NZ.

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Project details

Size: 2106 hours
Time frame: 6 months
Markets: NZ, Australia, Middle East

Main challenges

Extreme weather and temperature exposure
Slim requirements
Vandal and abuse proof design
Strict standards compliance
Plug and play electronics,
Active cooling system

Processes used/run

CNC machining
Product design
Technical drawings
Assembly design
Design validation
Jigs and fixtures
Extrusion Tooling
Metal forming tooling
Part inspection measurement
Vendor Management
Turnkey product engineering
Electronic design and management

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