REX Rehab Project

Rex Bionics

Rex Bionics produces bionic robotics for use in medical research and rehabilitation. The relationship between Rex Bionics and Globex began in 2009 when Globex completed a design for the REX 2 user interface arm. This project was so successful that Globex was asked to redesign all the plastic covers and internal bracketing structure on the REX 2.


Since 2009, the relationship between Rex Bionics and Globex has grown to the extent that when the last robotic exoskeleton was produced by Rex Bionics, known as the REX Rehab the internal skeleton, covers, actuator housings, composite hip, battery pack, and electronics housing were all prepared by Globex.

Because of commercial constraints, the REX Rehab had to be ready for units to be shipped within a four month timeframe. Globex completed the design, ensured the job was done and enabled delivery on time, meeting a near-impossible deadline.

Globex worked very closely on site with Rex Bionics and their suppliers, with four engineers working nearly around the clock at times. In addition, Globex did some short machining runs for Rex Bionics whose own machinists were at full capacity to help them achieve their goals.


The REX Rehab is now in use around the world for a variety of medical research and rehabilitation purposes.

Project details

Size: 1,492 hours
Time frame: Four months
Markets: USA, Europe

Main challenges

    Short design timeframe before manufacture
    Light weight requirement
    Quick adjustment of skeleton for tibia and femur length required
    Large number of degrees of freedom for covers to work with
    Extremely high loads on components in constrained environments with long life requirement

    Processes used/run

    CNC machining
    SLS prototyping
    CAD design
    Product design
    FEA interpretation
    Technical drawings and BOM documentation
    Short run manufacturing
    Jigs and fixture design
    Project management

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