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UoA Ankle Torque Rig

UoA Ankle Torque Rig

The Ankle Torque Rig was one-off design destined for university research purposes. It is also a perfect example of how Globex applies fit-for-purpose engineering to adapt to our clients’ individual needs.


Globex was approached by the University of Auckland to design a device for measuring ankle torque output in research subjects. The data gained from this device would be used to help quantify the rehabilitation of ankle injuries in subjects.

The first challenge was that this device was required to be one size fits all, as test subjects could range from children to adults. The design also needed to be extremely rigid and robust in order to achieve accurate readings from the sensitive torque cell. However, as it was to be a one-off device only, we understood we had to keep manufacturing costs down as much as possible, and design accordingly.

The resulting device was assembled from sturdy machined aluminium plates, anodized in the university’s colours, and keyed together with high precision features. A simple indexing pin allows for foot angle adjustability and travel packaging, whilst a range of foam packers supplied with it means anyone from young children to tall adults can be measured.

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Project details

Size: 140 hours
Time frame: 12 weeks
Markets: University research project

Main challenges

One-off build meant designing with manufacturing costs in mind
Highly sensitive torque cell, tight tolerance parts and extremely rigid construction to handle 150Nm of torque.
Key design requirement was ‘one size fits all’ adjustability

Processes used/run

CNC machining
3D printing
Product design
Technical drawings
Assembly design
Design validation
Part inspection measurement
One-off manufacturing
Vendor Management

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