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What we do

We add value to your value

What we do

Globex specialises in solving problems through intelligent mechanical engineering. With a wide range of clients, working across a number of industries, Globex has the knowledge and experience to bring ideas and concepts to life. What’s more, we can think beyond the prototype. With a global network of contacts, Globex can assist companies in setting up production lines delivering thousands of units for use across international markets.

Proper Process


How can we help?



Design consultation
Product design
Design validation
Technical drawings
Working prototypes/mock-ups


Our services

CNC machining
3D Printing FDM
SLA SLS prototyping
Silicone tooling
Metal sintering prototyping
FEA interpretation
3-D renderings
Industrial design
Assembly design
Jigs and fixtures
Testing equipment
Plastics tooling
Extrusion tooling
Metal forming tooling
Tooling design
Part inspection measurement
Boutique manufacturing
Product displays


Project management

New project management
Existing design problem solving
Cost out design and management
Vendor management
Electronic  design and management
Turnkey product engineering